& Workshops


You want to bring your company’s leadership culture to the next level? Make it fit for the challenges of a more agile, faster moving world? Our leadership transformation program helps you to do exactly that.
Address all aspects of leadership: the ideal which you strive for, the cohesion of the leadership team, the methods and techniques needed to make it real. In a carefully staged journey we shall accompany you and your teams to new excellence in leadership.

Redefine your organisation’s leadership culture


Any transformation must first understand where it wants to go. We accompany you with our expertise to define the leadership style that fits your organization’s purpose, strategic vision and business environment.


Leadership transformations need strong teams. We put our excellence in coaching at your service to strengthen your leadership teams and increase coherence before and during the transformation.


Throughout a leadership transformation we can offer coaching support for individual leaders at the highest level, thus enabling them to master the transformation personally.


Support the whole journey with state of the art digital tools that help everybody to implement the changes in leadership in their everyday work situation.


You want to improve specific aspects of your leadership culture? Tailored workshops for key aspects of an ownership culture and the practical methods behind them allow you to enable leaders on important aspects. All workshops share the same underlying approach of fostering your team’s freedom and willingness to dare. All are carefully designed and proven in their effectiveness.

Acquire the necessary skills for great leadership, we provide the tools


A substantial change in leadership style requires leaders to challenge established certainties and embrace new ideas, values and attitudes. Get ready to grow and thereby become a herald for the organization’s transformation.

Clarity & Commitment

Establish a system of leadership that gives everyone a clear idea of where the organization is going and what she or he will contribute. Develop the ability to make hard decisions that allow for focus and the ability of teams to commit to them.

Leading for Ownership

Create the sense of ownership throughout the organization. Establish a leadership style that allows for initiative as well as alignment. Adjust the level of freedom in decisions to your organization’s requirements.


Establish a culture of open communication where teams can bring in their ideas and address concerns without fear of ridicule or retribution. Learn how to build a feedback culture that empowers.


Learn the other side of leadership – the ability to spur people’s development without taking away their ownership for their own growth and career decisions.

Leaders as Coaches

Untap the true potential and resources of your team members, clients and co-workers. Create more trustful relationships, empower others and make working with you fun and engaging!