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Who we are

We are an international leadership development company dedicated to supporting you and your teams in becoming your best selves. We are currently a team of 70 people, over 300 alumni, and a wider network of well above 200 Executive Coaches globally. Furthermore, we are in a strategic partnership with Coachhub.io, the European leader in digital coaching with a pool of over 2.000 coaches across over 50 countries, facilitating in 30+ languages.
Our team for you is comprised of an experienced, dynamic and highly skilled set of individuals who have come together to build one of the most notable leadership and executive coaching firms in Europe. Our special melange of classic and modern leadership principles coupled with philosophical thought and practical tools form the basis of the unique approach our team strives tirelessly to achieve.
Our methods and training are certified by the ICF – International Coach Federation, the global gold standard for leadership and coaching.


Katja Bossert

Managing Director & Partner, diversity promoter, coaching academy creator & Lead Coach

Katja’s professional focus lies on executive team development and personal growth of top executives and talents. Katja helps you and your team to realize your combined strength, to resolve deep lying conflicts and to create a common agenda. She is also a recognized authority for developing female leaders, creating effective and award-winning programs. Before becoming independent, she had 16 years of corporate career at The Boston Consulting Group.

Dr. Götz Schmidt-Bossert

Managing Director & Partner, philosophical thinker, multiple startup founder & innovator

Dr. Götz Schmidt-Bossert focuses on expanding the canon of leadership styles and methods by modern approaches that respect members of your company as free individuals – based on the philosophical inheritance of the enlightenment. He also brings in his deep experience from the fast, highly innovative start-up world and its agile management styles, drawing from his background in physics, philosophy and software innovation.

Hannes S. Chopra

Principle, citizen of the world, polyglott, former CEO, part-time professor

Hannes is passionate about innovation, self-exploration and exponentiality. He will help you and your team to identify barriers, reflect, and turn them into enablers to create a high-performing team through personal and leadership development. Hannes actively collaborates with start-ups, also as CEO of a small InsurTech fund. Hannes is currently attending the President’s Program at Harvard Business School, is an active member of YPO (also on the European board), and teaches at Harbour Space University in Barcelona and Bangkok. Hannes has lived in different cities around the globe and held board positions in different regions such as Asia, Africa, Europe, Russia. He also speaks more than 6 languages!

Kathleen Lambrechts

Principal, growth mindset builder, lawyer, language genius

Through her coaching and training process, Kathleen supports you to take ownership of your thoughts and behaviours, leading to professional growth, increased resilience and autonomy. She combines her interest for positive psychology with sharp analysis in order to help people develop a growth mindset. Kathleen is a former corporate lawyer and currently member of the New York Bar. She speaks 5 languages fluently.

Alexandra Walker

Head of Operations, organization & multitasking guru, life hacks provider

Alexandra is our Operations Manager, running everything from daily coaching and training operations to our Bossert ACTP Coaching Academy. She is your (almost) omniscient contact for any question, whether it be concerning training organization, coaching scheduling or information on one of our Academy courses. Originally from the UK, Alexandra has lived and worked in various places across the globe so far.

Our Coaching Academy Faculty

Yda Bouvier

Academy Teaching Coach, keen thinker, brain scientist by heart

Yda blends business understanding with personal insight and critical thinking. She develops and runs leadership development programs for high performance teams, sustainable work models, and diverse leadership pipelines.Moreover, Yda brings her know-how on neurobiology to her coaching process, to gain a better understanding how your physical body functions impact your stress resilience. Yda is also one of our ACTP Coaching Academy teaching coaches.

Kriszta Madai

Coaching Supervisor, coach trainer & mentor coach, system-level well-being advocate

Kriszta’s approach as coach, coach trainer and our coaching supervisor is mainly based on self-reflection and solution focused methods. Being co-founder and co-director of several internationally accredited coach training programs and major organizational culture change programs, Kriszta has strongly contributed to the professional development of coaching in the organizational context. Her articles are regularly published in coaching journals and she is a speaker on international conferences on coaching and leadership development.

Our Coordination Team

Huong Do

Commercial Projects Team Lead, adventurer and philomath

Psychology graduate with a keen interest in human development and design learning. Huong has worked with companies like LMU, TUM, and Allianz in research, and Diversity and Inclusion. She is a core member of the operations team and is managing corporate projects

Ambika Kunisetty

Project Manager, challenge seeker, nature-loving

Ambika is an optimistic person with a goal-oriented mindset. She has several years of experience in tech and client-facing roles. Ambika is always looking for new challenges and learning new things on the go. She lives in Freiburg, Germany, where she loves spending time in nature.

We are proud to serve these clients

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We love to give back

Our personal journey as leaders and coaches has bestowed the honor on us to serve some of the most prestigious organizations in the world. Others might not have been so fortunate in their starting position or development in life. We are proud to have established a cooperation with several wonderful initiatives and organizations where we can contribute our specific gift – the ability to empower and enable people – to help those less privileged.

Interested in joining us?

We are always looking to work with those at the top of their field. Whether you are a trainer or executive coach, we would be happy to hear from you. We offer an exciting opportunity to use your skills with clients from fascinating startups to impressive and well-known large companies on an international scale.

Please send us a copy of your CV alongside relevant availability information and two references from previous workshops/clients.