Disability/Discrimination/DEIJ statement

We are deeply committed to diversity. Our founder Katja is a renown for her great effectiveness in female empowerment which for her is just one of many biases to overcome in the world. We are respecting a multitude of gender, religion, sexual orientation, race, language and personality. We live this value by aiming at an equal degree of men and women in our courses, by integrating business background students with art or religions or social backgrounds, we teach mostly in English which allows us to be open to people from throughout the world, from all backgrounds and cultures.

The pro bono clients we offer are coming through global NGOs and offer our coaches the chance to see and understand very different life and cultures. By supporting our students in their self development, too, we help them to hear themselves think, thus to get awareness of their own biases, to see how much we all assume and reconfirm our biases on a daily biases. We are including neuro science teaching in all our ACTP courses to get a deeper understanding. We learn about ourselves by being different to others: „Der Mensch wird am Du zum Ich“ (Th. Buber, German Philosopher) this is why we aim for diversity in our courses and in the selection of clients we offer.

Partial Completion policy

Students who
a) do not fulfill the prerequisites for admission into the final evaluation “exam”, are not admitted to the final evaluation. This concerns absences, handed in material like recordings for IMCs or essays and other.
b) do not pass the final evaluation at PCC level
Will not receive an ACTP diploma but instead received an ACSTH diploma with the exact hours of the program attended.

Payment/Fees policy(s)

The program fee shall be paid upfront of the delivery. However, we are happy to be flexible to accommodate different financial situations.
We offer:
Two installments: one at program start, one 1 months before program end
Three installments: one at program start, one just before the mid of the program, last 1 month before end of program

Overall fee is currently 12800 EUR for our ACTP program.
If program is stopped after our “foundations”, 60 hrs, 5800EUR, 45% is to be paid.
The upgrade, 65 hrs, which can be taken separately will be 68% of the whole price.
Rebates are given to private payers upon request and after agreement with the BA Academy management.

Refund policy

Students who drop out after the first workshop can get the refund of their payment pro rata depending. Exceptions of refund in full are possible upon agreement.

Transfer of Credit policy

Students leaving our programs to continue their coaching education will get the exact number of ACSTHours and program elements attended certified.
We are assessing incoming students along their diplomas and certificates and do accept them into our Upgrade to PCC program whenever the previous courses are comparable to an ICF ACSTH program.

Illness policy

In case of illness, we offer a virtual participation at the course, if possible for the student. If not, we offer materials and records, and peers are volunteering for separate sessions with the ill student. Courses cannot be repeated in another year as we want cohorts to feel safe and untouched. Exceptions are possible.
In case of illnesses within the faculty: teachers have to be replaced if the student teacher ratio is higher than 1:10.