ICF Accredited
Coach Training


This is for you if you are looking to:

  • Pursue personal transformation
  • Become a coach
  • Gain new leadership skills

What you will gain:

  • Profound coaching skills – understand core fundamentals, tools and processes of professional executive coaching while integrating them with your business and leadership experience
  • Real impact – enable sustainable results for your coachees through crucial insights
  • Self-development skills – extend your own self-awareness by being coached and by coaching others during the program
  • The global Gold Standard of the highest accredited Coaching Diploma Level 2 by ICF with which you can easily get the ACC and PCC credential after your practice hours


Unlock Your Human Potential in the Age of AI!

As technology revolutionizes the workplace, it’s essential to focus on what makes us uniquely human: intuition, empathy, warmth, and emotional intelligence. Coaching covers all of these elements that would make you stand out. Get inspired by learning about people and yourself. You will be intensively coached and coach others and tremendously develop, not only a new skill set but also yourself.

Join our coaching class to master these invaluable skills and earn a globally recognized diploma, empowering you to lead with humanity in any profession. Our team is dedicated to challenging norms, fostering growth, and shaping future leaders.

In our online course, you can develop your coaching skills in an intensive way with twelve 3-hour online workshops, a review of your recordings, deep practice, and an essay. At the end of these 60 hrs, you will have your exam at ACC-level and the foundation for a personal accreditation with ICF as ACC. Twice a year, in April and October, you can start this deep 6-month journey with us!

At the end of the course, you have the opportunity to decide to go one level deeper and continue your path to a Level 2 diploma. With this diploma, you have even easier access to your ACC credential after 100 hrs of practice and can even get your PCC credential with no further effort after another 400 hrs of practice. This “Upgrade to PCC” course runs twice each year and is a great additional choice open to you in case you fall in love with coaching, as so many do.

Book your slot now to embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation!