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Learn from the best, with the best, become the best coach you can be!

How can we support you in achieving this goal? Our Academy holds the highest global accreditation possible – ACTP by the International Coach Federation – and is recognized as an official education institute in Germany. Our master coaches are well-known experts in their fields, bringing with them different approaches and styles. Learn about techniques from brief coaching to gestalt therapy, systemic coaching and strength-focused approach, to insights from brain science and stress management. Go on a journey with us, cherry-picked from different approaches to develop your very own personal style. Experience what will make you a great coach!

Choose from one of our two courses:

BA International Coaching Academy is an English speaking course for senior executives. It is aimed at those who are looking for a top-notch coaching education, completed in the minimum time with maximum output and flexibility. Experience our intensive 7-month course, made up of 3 workshops and variety of online elements; join a learning group who come from a wide spectrum of career backgrounds; from senior business people to highly successful entrepreneurs. You will train with your future clientele. This course is for you, even if you are considering coaching as a secondary career or simply aim to become a more successful and self-reflected leader.

Bossert Eidenschink Academy is a German speaking course which has a classical setup of 7 live and 2 virtual workshops over a span of 1 year. This course however goes well beyond ‘just’ becoming a professional executive coach. On top of high-class coaching content – including the business side of becoming a coach – be part of enriching workshops on remote coaching and self discovery. This course will allow you to feel confident to build a great portfolio for coaching clients, working with coachees both live and virtually.

Gernot Weilharter, Heika Eidenschink, Katja Bossert, Dora Hegedus

Are you a business leader who is looking for a top-notch, yet condensed and flexible, executive coaching education? A business leader who is, in addition, seeking a true personal transformation? If your answer is ‘Yes!’ or ‘Possibly?’, read on, you are in the right place.

This course was designed especially for an international executive clientele, from Fortune 500 Companies and major NGO managers, to vivid startup entrepreneurs  seeking new horizons. The program has the highest global accreditation – ACTP with the International Coach Federation – in spite of its concise and short curriculum of 7 months. We offer a proven blended learning approach of 3x four-day-workshops and flexible remote work sessions in-between.

Our master coaches, who are well-recognized experts in their fields, will guide you in discovering state-of-the-art insights and methods from not only all major coaching fields, but also systemic and strength-based approaches as well as brain science. Whether you are considering coaching as a second career, or aim to extend your repertoire as a successful leader, start now with your accreditation and have the necessary experience under your belt to start your own coaching business.

What you will get:

Profound coaching skills, acquiring the ICF core competencies, tools and processes of professional executive coaching plus the skills to integrate them with your leadership experience and daily corporate business.

Real impact, enabling sustainable results for your coachees through crucial insights and triggering the human source code for change.

Self development, boosting your own self-awareness through constantly coaching and being coached throughout the program.


Are you looking for a high-class coaching education equipping you with everything it takes to become an excellent executive coach for deep and solid work with your coachees? If your answer is ‘Certainly!’, read on, you have already taken the first step.

Our Bossert Eidenschink Academy follows a classical setup of 7 workshops in 1 year, with all sessions held live near Munich. So far, so traditional – and that’s where tradition ends. On top of the latest contents from the most diverse coaching fields (such as psychology and therapy including gestalt therapy, systemic and strength-based approaches, as well as insights and methods from brain science and commercial skills for coaches) we have added 2 virtual workshops on remote coaching that complete your skillset as a great coach with a modern element and allow you to take part in the current wave of digital coaching.
Deep personal transformation occurs through the process of becoming a coach. This is a much needed process as your personality is your main tool for coaching. In order to support this process, we have also included a workshop on 'personality self discovery' as a coach.

You will work with a deliberately heterogenous group from DAX CFO’s to HR people, that will offer you extensive experience in working with different personalities.

Our German course also offers you a curriculum with the highest global accreditation – ACTP by the International Coach Federation. Experience our skilled and varied master coaches, who are well-recognized experts in their fields, cherry-picked for their approaches to develop your very own personal coaching style. We support you in discovering your 'Unique Selling Proposition' and becoming the best coach you can be.

What you will get:

Profound coaching skills, acquiring core competencies, tools and processes of professional executive coaching both live and remote

Real impact, enabling sustainable results for your coachees through crucial insights and triggering an honest self-reflection process, followed by willingness and ability to actively change mindset and behaviour

Self development, going on a journey of personal transformation and self-awareness through constantly coaching and being coached throughout the program

Masterclasses and More

You are already a coach – possibly with experience in workshop moderation or group facilitation – and would like to take your coaching to the next level, supporting building high performance teams? Then this course is for you!

We just started our brand-new masterclass for Team Coaching with incredible success – an innovative format loved by coaches and coached teams equally.

Our unique setup combines profound Academy know-how workshops about team development with direct practical application: Coaching actual BA client teams together with fellow coach colleagues, with our Academy Master Coach and team coaching expert Gernot Weilharter always at your side for supervision, tips and tricks.

The 8,5-days course plus peer work concludes the whole team coaching process from contracting with the team lead to design and facilitation of a tailored team coaching workshop, followed by a progress workshop with the team several months later.

Please note that the workshops are held in German. Coaching for the teams may be both provided in German or English.

Caught fire?

For more details take a look at our brochures for coaches or teams or contact us directly!


Currently we train approximately 30 coaches per year. Following the graduation of last years cohorts, we now have a total of over 100 alumni, we are so proud of all of them! Be a part of it and leverage our entire alumni community for professional exchange, sparring, advice, or simply a good chat over a cup of coffee/tea or a glass of wine.

We regularly have inspiring events to re-unite our coaching community and share the latest insights from the coaching world and beyond. Infuse new ideas, hear exciting speeches and attend workshops on selective topics such as innovation or personal branding.

See here our 2019 Alumni Day agenda and join us (again) for the next event!

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