Oct. 2021 - Mar. 2022: Discover your coaching self - ACC, English
Mar. 2022 - June. 2022: Upgrade to PCC - Continuation to PCC, English
Sept. 2022 - May 2023: BA International Coaching Academy- PCC, English
Jan. 2022 - Jan. 2023: BA Coaching Academy - PCC, German
A High Class Coaching Education
Learn from the best, with the best, become the best coach you can be!
How can we support you in achieving this goal? Our Academy holds the highest global accreditation possible – ACTP by the International Coach Federation- and thus offers you the most direct way to a personal PCC credential! Our teaching coaches are well-known experts in their fields, bringing with them different approaches and styles. Learn about techniques from brief coaching to gestalt coaching, systemic coaching and strength-focused approach, to insights from brain science and stress management. Go on a journey with us, cherry-picked from different approaches to develop your very own personal style. Experience what will make you a great coach!
Choose from one of our two courses:
BA International Coaching Academy is an English speaking course for an international audience. It is aimed at those who are looking for a top-notch coaching education, completed in the minimum time with maximum output and flexibility. Experience our intensive 7-month course, made up of 3 long offline workshops and variety of online elements; join a learning group who come from a wide spectrum of career backgrounds; from senior business people to successful self employed consultants. You will train with your future clientele. This course is for you, if you are considering coaching as a secondary career or simply aim to become a more successful and self-reflected leader.
BA Coaching Academy is a long, German speaking course with 7 offline and 2 online workshops over a span of 1 year. This course goes well beyond ‘just’ becoming a professional executive coach. On top of high-class coaching content – including the business side of becoming a coach – be part of enriching workshops on remote coaching and self discovery. This course will allow you to feel confident to build a great portfolio for coaching clients, working with coachees both live and virtually.
Dora Hegedus, Katja Bossert
Are you a business leader who is looking for a top-notch, yet condensed and flexible, executive coaching education? A business leader who is, in addition, seeking a true personal transformation? If your answer is ‘Yes!’ or ‘Possibly?’, read on, you are in the right place.
From September to May each year, we offer a proven blended learning approach of 3x four-day-workshops and flexible remote work sessions in-between. You will work with an exceptional group of 16 people, curious and open, in small groups of 5 to explore yourself and your new people-oriented skill set. Your talent will become a profession!


Need more info?

Are you looking for a high-class coaching education equipping you with everything it takes to become an excellent executive coach for deep and solid work with your coachees? If your answer is ‘Certainly!’, read on, you have already taken the first step.
Our German speaking BA Coaching Academy runs from January to January with 7 workshops, all held in person in a monastery near Munich. We are will equip you with the systemic coaching approach of ICF and give you insights in many other sources for great coaching such as Gestalt coaching, strength-based approaches, insights and methods from brain science. We are continuously innovating which is why you will learn how to best coach online with two sessions by a German Professor for digital coaching and learn about the current organisational environment and how agile methods do influence your work as a coach.  
Deep personal transformation occurs through the process of becoming a coach. This is a much needed process as your personality is your main tool for coaching. This is why we offer you one full workshop for self discovery in a group.
Your group we be diverse and full of exciting personalities fostering your personal growth. There is little as important as a great group of people to learn with on this journey.
Our course also offers you a curriculum with the highest global accreditation – ACTP by the International Coach Federation. The most direct path to the highest personal credential of PCC. 

Are you an experienced coach and want to gain a PCC accreditation by ICF ( Even if you have done a coach training which is not ICF accredited, we can help you to gain this highly appreciated personal accreditation in an uncomplicated and easy way. One learning module and an exam at our ACTP accredited coaching school will be enough to get this distinction.
In our online course you can develop your skill in coaching in an intensive way with twelve 3-hours online workshops, review of your recordings, deep practice and an essay. At the end of these 60 hrs, you will have your exam at ACC-level and the foundation for a personal accreditation with ICF as ACC. Twice a year, in April and October, you can start this deep 6-months journey with us!
Get inspired by learning about people and yourself. You will be intensively coached and coaching others and tremendously develop, not only a new skill set but also yourself. 
Our groups are great community that will accompany you along the way together with your teaching coaches, real experts in their field. You will enjoy being in regular contact with likeminded people. With us, you will even get a real pro bono client to test your skills, an International NGO leader, and thus support their good causes.
At the end of the course, you have the opportunity to decide to go one level deeper and continue your path to an ACTP diploma. With this diploma you have an even easier access to your ACC credential after 100 hrs of practice and can even get your PCC credential with no further effort after another 400 hrs of practice. This "Upgrade to PCC" course runs from September to December each year and is a great additional choice open to you in case you fell in love with coaching as so many do.

Happy to give you some deeper insights and a first impression with our FREE taster evening online on September 22nd, 2021 at 7:00 - 8:30pm CEST

Our alumni meeting is coming up again in spring 2022! Following the graduation of current cohorts, we now have a total of over 250 alumni, we are so proud of all of them! Be a part of it and leverage our entire alumni community for professional exchange, sparring, advice, or simply a good chat over a cup of coffee/tea or a glass of wine.
We regularly have inspiring events to re-unite our coaching community and share the latest insights from the coaching world and beyond. Infuse new ideas, hear exciting speeches and attend workshops on selective topics such as innovation or personal branding.
See here our last pre-Corona Alumni Day agenda and join us for the next event in spring 2022!
Digital Coaching in a Whole New Dimension
We have entered a strategic partnership with, the European leader in digital coaching. This will give you as participant of our Coaching Academy courses an exclusive path to Coachhub’s coaching solution and an opportunity to kickstart your coaching business, using the digital setup even already as a student.
Coachhub lifts the organizational burden of coaching and offers a platform for both coaches and companies. It provides a high-end digital coaching solution through which coaching can be delivered virtually, combined with a much more efficient management of coaching initiatives. This includes sales process, contracting, client relations and billing for coaches – so you can focus on the coaching itself.
Membership in Coachhub’s coach pool of about 600 coaches under contract and a considerable admission waiting list is normally restricted to coaches with min. 500 hours and min. 6 years of work experience. Due to the outstanding quality of our education programs you however will have a chance to gain access right away! Certainly, we’ll support you to prepare for Coachhub’s selection process with supervision and tips on virtual coaching.
So what are you waiting for? Go digital advanced!
Masterclasses and More
You are already a coach – possibly with experience in workshop moderation or group facilitation – and would like to take your coaching to the next level, supporting building high performance teams? Then this course is for you!
We just started our brand-new masterclass for Team Coaching with incredible success – an innovative format loved by coaches and coached teams equally.
Our unique setup combines profound Academy know-how workshops about team development with direct practical application: Coaching actual BA client teams together with fellow coach colleagues, with our Academy Teaching Coach and team coaching expert Gernot Weilharter always at your side for supervision, tips and tricks.
The 8,5-days course plus peer work concludes the whole team coaching process from contracting with the team lead to design and facilitation of a tailored team coaching workshop, followed by a progress workshop with the team several months later.
Whilst the current course is in German, we can hold English language courses upon request. 
Caught fire?
For more details take a look at our brochures for coaches or teams or contact us directly!

Psychometric tools help to raise awareness of behavioural preferences and communication styles based on how you perceive the world. However, these tools often are misused as "eternal truth" and in a judgmental way. It needs a coach to position them in the right way. Ideally the framework below the tool is used for self awareness more than the test result itself. 

As a coach in a business environment you will often meet situations where your client brings you a test result and wants to work with it.

How to coach in these situations and as well as an overview and grouping of the most common tools will central in this workshop. 
We will work with breakouts and exercises and you will have a clear practical sense of how to go about psychometric tools as a coach. 
Thinking of how to facilitate impactful and fun trainings leveraging your individual style and assets as a trainer? Then this course is just right for you!
As coaches or leaders  we often get the request to help people develop a specific skill set. Whilst the design of a group training might be already developed, you still need to understand how adult learning works and what is to be emphasized or avoided. In this course you learn how to foster learning with the right mix of push and pull in your workshop choreography and address different learner types. You will manage to lead your trainings in an interactive and engaging way. Learning as adults enjoy it!
Using a combination of experiments, simulations and direct practical application in a live or virtual setup, you will experience the immediate effects of facilitating like a professional trainer.

Delivery: In-person (Munich) or virtual
Price: 1200 EUR per person (VAT free service)
In this course experienced coaches learn how to prepare and facilitate online trainings and workshops in a fun and engaging way for participants.
Using a combination of insightful input, simulations, experiential exercises, reflection and application to real coaching cases, you will experience effective coaching methods online, from digital chair work methodologies to physical work. 
The course will sharpen your digital mindset and foster your creative energy around digital tools. 
We would like to offer you the opportunity to continue to further your coaching education. We offer this in the form of either Group Mentor Coaching (GMC) or Individual Mentor Coaching (IMC) sessions. 

  • GMCs have typically with 5-6 participants. It is a 2 hrs session where you can discuss your current coaching work and your questions on coaching. You will get answers to your questions and the necessary input to continue growing in your coaching style. A live practice with feedback is possible. 
  • IMCs is individual work with a master coach. You will get input on your challenges your current work with clients and can get coached as a coach (supervision). You can share live some elements of your work and discuss moments you found challenging. Q&A and tipps on coaching.  
You will have the opportunity to reconnect with our faculty and in your GMC in addition with your peers. 
Overall, supervision in the form of a GMC or IMC is a must for coaches. We should always further our development if we are working as coaches. If your are in need for the 10 mentor coaching hours for your  personal ICF credential (ACC, PCC, MCC) we are happy to support you with a special offer for 7 hours as a group and 3 hours individually (see brochure)
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