Free minds create great organizations

The Power of
Organizations complete change when people do what they do because they want it to be done, not because they were told to do it. Creative solutions are found. Goals are actually achieved. Obstacles are overcome. Greater outcomes are realized with less resources than ever imagined. Because ownership allows people to bring in their best selves.
Freedom creates creativity and ardor. This energy asks for a balance in alignment and collaboration to achieve a common goal. How to reconcile the unleashed energy of all with the cohesion of common action is at the core of the art of leadership. When realized, it allows organizations a strong bond of shared ownership and shared accomplishment.
A Greatly Modern Tradition
We love to innovate and explore. Yet for our fundamental approach we are happy to build on a great tradition of human thought. Philosophers and laymen alike were always fascinated by the power of freedom. Their insights of how to reconcile it with harmony and unity still stands tall. It is from this perspective that we look onto contemporary insights, be it behavioral science for the drivers of human behavior, neuroscience for the perpexing properties of self perception, memory and perception of others, or on empirical research on leadership and organization.
From Idea to Method

Any leadership is only as good as its practical implementation. Extensive research and years of experience have led to a set of methods which make our fundamental approach easy to implement.