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Supporting Our Youth
These are extremely difficult times for all of us, but the consequences of current circumstances have the greatest impact and longest lasting repercussions on young people.
As parents, you are concerned about the path your children are taking in terms of their education and their daily quality of life.
Our children are currently deprived of physical contact with friends their age. Without this critical peer interaction, the maturation process and the ability to find themselves and discover who they are becomes extremely difficult.
Children tell our youth expert coach, Natalia Chopra, that they are finding motivation and energy to be a daily struggle. Relationships built online are more superficial, offering less opportunity to talk and share. Consequently, young people can find it challenging to maintain a positive focus, and it can become difficult to engage in the process of education. Parents worry about missed opportunities and the potential impact of jeopardised professional futures.

We are offering a program for young people ages 14-22 to help them find out who they are, where their strengths lie and how they can find their place and purpose in today's world.

The “Discover your strengths & inner drive” program consists of
- A discussion with you, the parents, on your concerns, expectations and what success would look like to you (1 hour)
- Coaching your son/daughter on defining his/her inner goals and identifying his/her inner barriers to these goals. We then work together to discover resources and plan practical steps to take going forward (3 sessions which are 1 hour each)
- Between the sessions, your son/daughter will take 3-4 personality tests to measure her/his strengths, values and blockers
- A 10 page report of our conclusions on the strengths and steps to take going forward as well as suggestions of different resources to assist both in self-awareness as well as progressing towards individual goals

Our program will help you and your son or daughter to better understand who he or she is and how best to work towards building a happy future for them.

“Discover your strengths & inner drive”: 850 EUR per person

or shorter program:

“Thriving in difficult times”
- Introduction call (30 min) to understand the current challenges 
- Coaching a young person on dealing with emotions, managing levels of motivation & energy, especially when things go in the unexpected or wrong direction (can be 2-3 sessions)

Price: 650 euro
Remote Coaching

Coaching demands live interaction, you can only do it when you are in the same room with your coach, right? Well, not exactly. We have been doing a myriad of remote coachings in the past years and this is what we found:

What you actually need is a great coach trained in virtual work, a PC, laptop or tablet with camera, a stable internet connection, a calm atmosphere and your favorite cozy armchair with a cup of tea or coffee.

So why limit yourself to executive coaching at the office? Get your career and life running right now and book a remote coaching!


Coaching is help to self help: by partnering with your coach you will grow both personally and professionally. You define what you want to work on, and your coach will support you to find the way forward for you.

Our specialty at BA to make a real difference through coaching is combining deep psychological understanding with own business and leadership experience in international environments.
We start with your specific situation, and then we go beyond and together lift it to a personal level. Thereby we drive true personal development, that enables you to not only master the current situation, but to learn about yourself and be well prepared for new situations coming up in the future. This way coaching can help you create lasting change, sustainably enhance your performance and gain a deep feeling of happiness. 

This approach requires a true interest in you and an extended understanding of psychological inner dynamics. But hey, that’s our calling and what we are here for!

Here are some classical examples where coaching can support you effectively. 

Enjoy testing it!

You would like to be a better leader for your team? Your senior executive coach with own leadership experience supports you in becoming the best leader you can possibly be.


You are facing some major changes, or change and uncertainty are part of your work reality? Your coach will be at your side to master the changes successfully and gain confidence.


You are in the middle of an energy-guzzling conflict or others’ is seriously bothering you? Your coach will support you with coping measures and strategies to resolve it.


An important decision is coming up? Your coach helps you to sort your thoughts and priorities, gain certainty in your decision-making process and release your energy again.


You are facing a perceived mountain of challenges and don’t know how to climb it? Your coach helps you to discover your very own path and define relevant action steps.


You have a general feeling of discontent but cannot really put your finger on it? Your coach will help you in identifying underlying worries and reaching happiness again.